Svævende lampe skaber en kosmisk atmosfære i dit hjem.
Kosmos-lampe med detaljerede planeter - Imponerende lampe med realistiske planeter og stjerne
Kosmos-lampe med magnetisk base - Magnetisk base sikrer stabil svævning af lampe
Kosmos-lampe med valnøddetræ-look base - Elegante valnøddetræs detaljer tilføjer en sofistikeret touc
Kosmos-lampe med valnøddetræ-look base - Elegante valnøddetræs detaljer tilføjer en sofistikeret touch
Kosmos-lampe med valnøddetræ-look base - Elegante valnøddetræs detaljer tilføjer en sofistikeret touc
Kosmos-lampe i et rum - Tilføjer en unik og mystisk skønhed til ethvert rum

Flowlow - Floating cosmos lamp

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Product description

Embark on a captivating journey through space where floating planets and shimmering stars create a breathtaking cosmic atmosphere. Our Cosmos Lamp isn't just a lighting fixture – it's your personal gateway to the boundless wonders of the universe, bringing the magic of the cosmos into your home.

Imagine stepping into a realm of aesthetic and technological perfection, where magnetic levitation creates a visual marvel that will astonish and enchant anyone with a fascination for the stars. This levitating lamp captures and holds your attention, offering a sense of weightlessness and limitless possibilities.

Meticulously designed with impressive details, multiple brightness levels, and a stylish walnut wood base, the Kosmos Lamp creates an atmosphere of tranquility and wonder. Each time you turn on the lamp, you embark on a new journey into the unknown, escaping the everyday hustle to a world of awe and dreams.

With the Cosmos Lamp, you can explore the universe from the comfort of your home. Experience how this magical lamp enchants you day after day, enveloping you in the mesmerizing world of the cosmos. Transform your home into a universal sanctuary, where you can find inspiration, peace, and a sense of eternity.

Perfect for parents and grandparents looking to ignite their children's curiosity and imagination, the Cosmos Lamp is more than a gift – it's an invitation to discover the wonders of space together. Create lasting memories and spark endless dreams with a lamp that brings the universe closer to your loved ones.

  • Colour: W alnut/light oak
  • Levitation distance: 15-20 mm
  • Instructions: (English)
  • Material: ABS
  • AC input: 100-240V
  • Input volt: 12V, 1A
  • Power cable: approx. 180 cm long;
  • Cleaning (when not in use): wipe with a damp cloth
  • Dimensions: Cosmos diameter approx. 14 cm;
  • Basic size: approx. 13.5 x 13.5 x 3 cm;
  • Material: Plastic, magnet
  • Certification: CE & RoHS
Additional information
  • Three different light modes
  • Cleaning (when not in use): Wipe with a damp cloth
  • Keep at least 20 cm away from electronic devices
  • Not suitable for individuals with pacemakers
  • For indoor use only Avoid metal objects nearby
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