Elektromagnetisk levitationsstand med roterende skive, der viser objektet fra alle vinkler
Leviterende stand anvendt til produktfremvisning i erhvervsbutikker for at tiltrække opmærksomhed og øge kundestrømmen
Leviterende stand med moderne design og indbyggede LED-lys, der giver en ekstra dimension til din udstilling
Levitation Display 200 grams
Leviterende stand til visning af smykker, skulpturer, gadgets og kontorartikler med en vægtkapacitet på op til 200 g

Levitation Display 200 grams

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Experience the latest generation of electromagnetic levitation technology, which allows the small disc to float and rotate 360° in the air, showing all angles of the object. The modern design of the levitation stand gives your exhibition an extra dimension and an exclusive look, with an innovative way of displaying objects, with built-in LED lights that highlight every detail and make them irresistible to you, your friends and family.

With the magnetic levitating stand, you can display small objects weighing up to 200g, such as jewelry, sculptures, gadgets, office supplies, small art decorations and other items.

This levitation stand can also be used for furnishing in commercial stores to promote products, which gives an immediate eye-catcher to your customers, resulting in increased customer flow.

  • Colour Black
  • Source: Electricity
  • Aluminum base: 147x246mm
  • Medium acrylic and PVC printing platform: 200x44mm
  • Magnetic tray: 40x10mm
  • Floating weight: 0-200 g.
  • Hover distance: 10-15mm
  • AC adapter, DC output 15V, 1000mA.
  • Certificate: CE
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